Dumele @ Africa Celebrates 2023

A New Age of a Connected Africa

Dumele is curating the Innovation and Technology sub-theme at Africa Celebrates, where will be introducing conversations and a digital platform that explores the construct of an African Language Model.

Friday, October 27th, 2023
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9 AM - 5 PM (E.A.T) / 7 AM - 3 PM (W.A.T/G.M.T)

A Phylogenetic African Language Model

A language model is a probability distribution over words or word sequences. It gives the probability of a certain word sequence having a “valid” meaning.

Tracing language evolution and its cross-tribal relationships, the Phylogenetic Model is a core framework in the African Language Model Project. Inspired by biological evolution, it explores how languages evolve through changes in tonalities, phonetics, syntax, and semantics.

Workshop & Panel Themes

Afrocentric AI: Bridging Language Gaps and Tracing Linguistic History via Community Contributions

Empowering Trade and Pan-African Collaboration through Multilingual AI Solutions

Leveraging African Linguistic Nuances and Interconnections in Large Language Model Development

Rediscovering The Potential For Sourcing Ancient African Scientific Contributions through AI Convergence

The Role of Academia in Shaping Afrocentric AI Development and Preserving Linguistic Correctness

& more to come

Call For Speakers & Thought Leaders

Seeking out-the-box thinkers who are either Linguists, Data enthusiasts, ML/AI Experts, Evolutionary Biologists and African cultural experts across various tribes.

Sponsorship & Partnership

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